Fuck Perth

The West Australian does one of those 'kids and their computers' stories again.

Gah this annoys me on several levels that I can’t really articulate properly. But I’m going to try anyway. Apologies in advance for what will likely be a rambling rant.

To be fair, it doesn’t take the uber-conservative slant that these sorts of articles typically do, but it’s still pretty awful. The whole thing reeks of condescension. Like this: "When asked what the biggest issue facing the world was, their answers reached much further than the cyber community." Golly, you mean that teenagers are aware of a world outside of Facebook?! Say it isn’t so! Get off my lawn!

Here’s another example: “Isabella Signorile, 14, said she was afraid of getting into trouble and not having her mum to help her out. “It’s a big world,” she said.” You mean to say that a 14 year old would have a hard time living without a parent? Well it’s a good thing she knows it! Thanks, The West, for making sure little Isabella knows her place.

But at least these kids are photographed in front of some graffiti art. Nothing says ‘down with the urban youth culture’ quite like that. Ticking all the boxes.

Maybe I should make a Fuck Perth Media blog. There’s an endless amount of shitty content for it.

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